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Zentsuji Grand Hotel
Welcome to Healthy Hometown and Zentsuji

【Official】Zentsuji Grand Hotel

The city of history and tradition, the relaxing and time-rich Zentsuji Grand Hotel.

Kobo Daishi Kukai Legend Land "Zentsuji"
Every day, traveling time in this town where Pilgrim passes and goes,
I want to relax,
We will welcome you without forgetting the hospitality and the heart of entertaining.

Located in the center of Zentsuji City, it is perfect for your pilgrimage, business and sightseeing.There is a supermarket within walking distance! 【All rooms wi-fi free】

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Room introduction

Introduction of meals

  • Introduction of meals

    Adjacent to the hotel, the "Seafood Reactor Kura no Takumi" welcomes you with a relaxing space and a digging seat that allows you to relax your legs.
    Taste delicious dishes that match seasons in different seasons, how about delicious sake?


  • Banquet·A lecture

    □Foreign Party Room
     The space that can catch up to 150 people is full of space, sophisticated atmosphere and peaceful mood.It is flower and Kana banquet hall.
     Wedding.Parties can use it widely.□Banquet rooms
     Interior that is quiet and calm is also available for matching.

Overnight Stay Plan

  • Overnight Stay Plan

    Guest room colored with light color tones sticks to every one of furniture, please spend luxurious time suitable for special day.

Surrounding Area·Access

  • Surrounding Area·Access

    Speaking of Zentsuji, "No. 75 Buddhist Head temple Zentsuji, Head temple Zentsuji Temple".
    It is about 5 minutes on foot from the hotel.
    Also, there are lots of udon stores in Zentsuji!
    Why not stroll around Zentsuji city ​​by using our hotel bicycle for rent.

Reserve·Contact us

Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions.