【Official】Zentsuuji Grand Hotel

A town of history and tradition Zentsuuji Grand Hotel is a place where you can relax and spend time.

I want to relax,
We will welcome you without forgetting the hospitality and the heart of entertaining.

●Located in the center of Zentsuji City, it is perfect for your pilgrimage, business and sightseeing.There is a supermarket within walking distance! 【All rooms wi-fi free】
●Free plane parking available! Please be assured that your truck stays overnight.

☆Notice from Kura no Takumi seafood oven, Batakura☆
 ※Business hours and store holidays may change Please check below for details

We appreciate your understanding and cooperation.

■■■About correspondence to new coronavirus■■■
Thank you for your continued patronage to Zentsuuji Grand Hotel.
To prevent the spread of the new coronavirus infection, the hotel has taken the following measures.
① Staff may wear masks to prevent infection.
② Please use the disinfectant at the hotel entrance and washroom.
(3) The “hand dryer” installed in the washroom has been suspended for the time being.Instead, we use paper towels, so please use them.

We ask for your understanding and cooperation.

■■■Participating in GoTo Travel Campaign■■■
You can get discount coupons for GoTo travel campaigns by making a reservation from our website.Please see the middle section of this page for issuing procedures.

Introduction of meals

  • ☆Seafood hearth"Kura no Takumi" Notice from☆

    Thank you for using our shop.
    Following July, we will be closed every Monday as August.(Except 10 days)
    We appreciate your understanding and cooperation.

    Continue to thoroughly manage the physical condition of staff and hygiene management in the store
    We will strive to ensure that our customers can use our products safely and securely.

    We look forward to your visit
  • Kura no Takumi seafood hearth Kura no Takumi

    Adjacent to the hotel, the "Seafood Reactor Kura no Takumi" welcomes you with a relaxing space and a digging seat that allows you to relax your legs.
    Taste delicious dishes that match seasons in different seasons, how about delicious sake?

    Kura no Takumi Business Hours Open all year round
    Noon, From 11:30 to 15:00 (Last order, 14:30)
    Night, Weekdays, From 18:00 to 22:30 (Last order, 22:00)
      Saturday·Sunday·public holiday, From 17:00 to 22:30 (Last order, 22:00)

    ※Due to the spread of new coronavirus infection, business hours may change suddenly.
     We would appreciate it if you call us just in case you visit us.

Room introduction

GoTo Travel Campaign Discount Coupon

  • ★Can issue discount coupons for GoTo travel campaigns★

    First of all, please make a reservation from this site.All plan this site are eligible for discounts.

    If you register as a member from the linked STAY NAVI page and enter your reservation details after the main registration, a discount coupon will be issued.

    The reservation date, plan name, reservation number, total amount, etc. are required for input.

    Please print out the coupon and submit it to the front desk upon check-in on the day.

    For details, please see the STAY NAVI website.

Overnight Stay Plan

  • Overnight Stay Plan

    From business to sightseeing, we offer rooms according to your usage plan.All rooms have Internet connection, washlets are installed, and LCD TVs are available in all rooms.Please spend a relaxing time.

Under reservation for 2020 farewell party

  • Please use Zentsuuji Grand Hotel for welcome and farewell parties

    Looking for a venue for New Year's party and welcome and farewell party for Nishisan area in Kagawa prefecture
    Please contact us.

    Tailored dishes such as multi-course meals and buffet dishes
    I will prepare.

    Also, the venue can be prepared widely from 10 to 100 people,
    Please feel free to contact us.

    Zentsuji City Tadotsu Town
    Marugame City, Mitoyo City, etc.
     Looking for a venue for New Year's party and welcome and farewell party for Nakasan in Kagawa Prefecture
    Please contact us.

    Kaiseki cuisine, assorted tabletop dishes, etc.
    We use from many directions.

    In addition, as more than 15 customers will be picked up by bus,
    Please contact us as soon as possible.(Limited number of buses)

Banquet·Conference·Legal requirement

  • Banquet·Conference·Legal requirement

    □Foreign Party Room
     A gorgeous banquet hall filled with a spacious space that can accommodate up to 150 people, a sophisticated atmosphere and a mellow mood.
     It can be used widely for weddings and parties.

    □Banquet rooms
     Interior that is quiet and calm is also available for matching.

     There is a dedicated legal room. We also prepare meals after your memorial service

Surrounding Area·Access

  • Surrounding Area·Access

    Speaking of Zentsuji, "No. 75 Buddhist Head temple Zentsuji, Head temple Zentsuji Temple".
    It is about 5 minutes on foot from the hotel.
    Also, there are lots of udon stores in Zentsuji!
    Why not stroll around Zentsuji city ​​by using our hotel bicycle for rent.

Information for parking lot

  • Equipped with a free parking area!

    There is plane free contract parking lot!
    24-hour parking at Mruyoshi center next to the hotel
    Customers of large trucks and large buses can also be assured.

Reserve·Contact us

Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions.