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  2. Banquet·Conference·Legal requirement

Banquet·Conference·Legal requirement

Under reservation for 2020 farewell party

  • ※The above + service fee will be charged.Please note.

Banquet·Information on conference center

Information on legal requirements

  • On the altar which is always set up, you can run a ceremony without losing any form of Buddhist scriptures.
    If you are looking for a large venue, those who are busy, please feel free to leave it to us all.
  • Legal planner will explain · meet with you for details
    I will get you.Please feel free to contact us.
     Telephone number: 0877-63-2111
    ※The photograph is an image.

Banquet·A lecture

  • We will provide rooms / venue fixtures that meet the needs of customers such as conferences, internal workshops and various seminars.
  • Foreign Party Room

    A spacious space that can welcome up to 150 people, filled with a sophisticated atmosphere and a peaceful mood
    It is a gorgeous banquet hall.
    It can be widely used for weddings and parties.

    Location 2F

Banquet rooms

  • 3F, ~Royal 2~
     Maximum capacity of 8 people
     Interior that is quiet and calm is also available for matching.

    Area 16.8㎡
    Price ¥ 2,000 (separate) / h
  • 3F, ~Royal 1~
    Maximum capacity 20 people
    It is a calm space based on white.
    You can use it not only for conferences but also for small lecture meetings.

    Size 49.5㎡
    Price ¥ 3,000 (separate) / h

Inside the facility